Working Groups


The TISPOL Working Groups

TISPOL currently has 6 Working Groups made up of TISPOL representatives from different member countries specialising in important areas of road safety and road security. Each working group is led and chaired by a member of the Executive Committee, to whom the chair reports. The chair also informs and reports the work and contemporary issues on their area of expertise to the TISPOL Council, which leads the TISPOL organisation.

TISPOL Alcohol & Drugs Working Group

This working group assists to build a broader picture of the extent of the problem of drink alcohol and driving and taking drugs and driving to inform the TISPOL approach. Impairment through drink or drugs is an important factor influencing both the risk of a road collision as well as the severity of the injuries that result. Further the risks increase rapidly with increasing levels of blood alcohol/drug content. The Group fully supports the objectives of the TISPOL Strategy and the aim of the group is to help develop the tactical plan which underpins and supports the strategy in this area. Enforcement of drink and drug driving is a crime and effective partnership working improves efficiency. Clearly this is an area of enforcement that is always developing and advances in technology are key going forward. This group is currently led and chaired by the UK.

TISPOL High Risk Working Group

This Working Group was established to focus on the different types of road users who are over represented in road collision or casualty statistics, or have a higher risk factor in traffic. This includes vulnerable groups such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists, in order to seek ways to improve road safety and emerging issues in line with the TISPOL Strategic Plan to provide a safer European Road Network. This group is currently led and chaired by Italy.

TISPOL Operation Working Group

This working group assists the TISPOL Council with organising and holding the nine annual TISPOL pan European Operations of TRUCK & BUS  (x3), SEATBELT (x2), SPEED (x2), ALCOHOL & DRUGS(x2). The group co-ordinates the operations, collects and publishes results. The group also focuses on operational issues to provide support to the Council and best practice to TISPOL Members. The Group also organises and holds thematic road safety and security seminars for TISPOL and its members. This work underpins the TISPOL Strategy to reduce road death and serious injury through enforcement with life-long education for road users in road safety. This group is currently led and chaired by Germany.

TISPOL Road Policing Working Group

This Working Group has the aim of supporting TISPOL members to work in partnership to detect and prevent crime and cross border crime on the European Road Network, as outlined in the TISPOL Strategic Document. The group focuses on road crime enforcement within existing TISPOL pan European Operations as well as developing new road policing operation initiatives such as targeting cross border crime by passengers on long distance buses traveling across Europe, called TISPOL Operation VOYAGER. TISPOL Operation TRIVIUM is another operation established within the group to tackle organised foreign mobile criminal gangs who use the road networks to travel to and from their criminal activities. The group also concentrates on the issue of road transport cargo theft. The group works closely in partnership with stakeholders such as EUROPOL, The Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) and the International Road Transport Union (IRU). This group is currently led and chaired by Hungary.

Tacho Web Working Group

This group is a joint TISPOL/Euro-Contrôle-Route (ECR) partnership with members from both organisations. ECR is the European organisation of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Inspectorates. The group focuses on the fraudulent use and manipulation of tachographs; gathering together the latest manipulations found in Europe and sharing the information and best practice to TISPOL and ECR Members. The group also provides bespoke and masterclass training to European enforcement authorities and also advises the European Commission in the area of tachograph enforcement policy. The fraudulent crime in this area impacts greatly on road safety and also the transport economy of Europe. This group is currently led and chaired by ECR.

Technology Working Group

This group has been established to identify and collate the various road safety and security enforcement technology and equipment in use and available in Europe for the benefit of TISPOL members. Technology is a major and important part of successful road policing and the group works to share information and best practice in the area. Technology is constantly moving forward with new equipment and devices being developed, or asked for by enforcement authorities. The aim of the group is to keep abreast of this and support TISPOL members.
This group is currently led and chaired by Norway.