Malta: police 'box' suspected drink-driver

Published Mon, 19/10/2015 - 07:14

Members of the Malta Police Traffic section recently observed a Vauxhall Astra that dangerously committed a ‘U Turn’ on a main road. The driver was immediately signalled to pull aside, but he ignored police orders and a pursuit ensued. Vehicles reached speeds of around 120km/h, even in urban areas. After analysis  of the situation at hand, it was decided to attempt a ‘box manoeuvre’ in order to stop the runaway vehicle. 

The ‘box manoeuvre’ was carried out in collaboration with colleagues from the Rapid Intervention Unit in an industrialised zone in Paola, and the culprit was arrested. It was immediately suspected that the driver was not in a condition to drive. He refused a breath test so he was arrested and taken in for questioning. During questioning the arrestee continued with his stance not to co-operate and refused to answer any questions.

After carrying out the task of collecting evidence in relation to the case the arrestee was presented in court under arrest and accused of driving under the influence, disobeying police orders and  dangerous driving.

Shortly afterwards (Thursday 15 October), Magistrate Dr. F. Depasquale LL.D delivered a sentence finding the accused guilty of all charges  and sentenced him to a six-month driving licence suspension, a three-year probation order, a fine of €1,200, 400 hours' community work and an order to undertake a program to overcome his drinking problem. A report on the accused is to be submitted periodically by probation officers.