Arrests during police checks at Amsterdam Western Docklands

Published Wed, 28/10/2015 - 08:07

Checks carried out at Amsterdam's Western Docklands on Thursday 8 October resulted in six arrests. Two officers conducted the checks in association with the tax authorities, Customs and the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee (Kmar).

Up-and-coming colleagues Dyonne Kuijlenburg and Kees Mak chose the docklands area for the 'setting up a multidisciplinary check' assignment because of its activity and the flows of goods, money and information that converge there. As well as the tax authorities, Customs and Kmar they invited colleagues from the Nieuw-West-Noord Frontline Team, the Traffic Enforcement and Advice team and the Water-Havens team to the check. And they got results. Two men aged 21 and 27 from Zaanstad were arrested on suspicion of being in possession of drugs. They were carrying a small number of pills and a bag containing white powder.

Another four people were arrested for various offences. One of them was subjected to a DNA test and turned out to be driving without a licence. Some people never learn: this was the second time he'd been prosecuted for this offence.

The partners did good business too. The tax authorities collected a total of 23,800 euros in outstanding tax debts and seized eight cars when the claims could not be paid straight away. Customs brought charges for collecting waste without a permit. And when screening ID cards the Kmar came across someone who was transferred to the Aliens Department for further investigation.

Also as the days get shorter…
The chance of burglaries increases as the days get shorter. For that reason the police take extra measures to prevent crime and catch perpetrators sooner. They include traffic checks using automatic number plate recognition.