Germany Council member collects award

Published Mon, 02/11/2015 - 12:50

Germany Council member Bernd Heller has been honoured by TISPOL for his role in creating and developing the 24-hour Speed Marathon Blitz operation. The event was conceived to increase public awareness of the dangers of speeding and to give a boost to road safety across Europe. It also serves as an effective way of sharing good practice among TISPOL members, as it is an event that has rapidly gained support.

Bernd has been an enthusiastic member of TISPOL representing Germany through his home Federal State of North-Rhine Westphalia, and the other 15 German Federal States.  This has often been a challenging task, which Bernd has performed in a professional way on behalf of TISPOL.

The award was made to Bernd at the recent TISPOL Conference in Manchester. 

He has also encouraged the use of multi-agency controls to enhance road police roadside operations, which has brought more success to TISPOL actions. He has developed a good team around him in Germany and is instrumental in organising and running highly efficient and varied TISPOL seminars, officer exchanges and meetings in his home State.

TISPOL General Secretary Ruth Purdie commented: “The uniqueness of this action is that for a 24-hour period there is an enhanced police presence on the roads. This in itself is worthwhile, but the operation is specifically undertaken with the full support and presence of the press and TV. More important, local communities take part by the use of social media where residents are asked in advance where they would like the controls to be placed to be most effective for them. They also join the police at the roadside to see the work being done, and get involved in enforcing and educating speeding drivers.”

In April 2015 22 countries participated in a successful TISPOL Pan European '24 hour Speed Marathon 'Blitz' Operation. This operation will now become fixed in the TISPOL calendar of operations in the future and has the benefits of engaging the public and raising awareness of the number one killer on the road of excess speed and save lives.