** UPDATE ** Operation Trivium brings big success across Europe

Published Wed, 25/11/2015 - 11:21

Great results from Operation Trivium:

West Midlands Police went with HMCTS officers to execute a non-payment of fine warrant for a Lithuanian national. On arrival the target was not there, but the door was answered by another Lithuanian male. There was a strong smell of cannabis in the house and a cannabis farm of 85  plants was discovered, mature and ready to harvest.  He was arrested  and Welsh police were contacted from a marker on PNC.  This gent was a  suspect in a conspiracy to burgle with 49 offences spread throughout  Wales.  At the time of writing he awaits interview.

Kent and Met Police - Initially requested by ANPR intel to  locate a Blue BMW 5 series. Vehicle linked to 2 x burglaries  in Kent and suspected others in the South East. Assets placed on the  A2 by both Kent and Met officers to intercept the vehicle. Vehicle was  sighted A2 Bexley towards Kent by a Met vehicle. Vehicle stopped  without incident and 4 males detained by Met officers. All four males  came into UK within the last six months from Chile.

Northamptonshire - The Northamptonshire FIB Safeguarding  desk led an Operation into the Exploitation of Romanian and Albanian  males on car wash facilities within Northampton. This was an Operation  Trivium staff alongside Immigration and support agencies. As a result  4 Albanian males were arrested for immigration offences.

Police Scotland - Driver of silver Audi A6 motor car stopped in Taranty Road, Forfar and produced a fraudulent Latvian  Driving Licence.  This was an intelligence led vehicle stop and as a  result the driver was reported for driving with no licence, producing  a fraudulent licence, Section 4 of the Identity Docs Act 2010 and also  two charges relating to previously producing the licence. 1 x  Pakistani male arrested after immigration checks showed him to be  working

Met Police - ANPR showed no insurance on vehicle, checks  showed he did have insurance, however checks on him showed a European  arrest warrant by Poland. Male arrested for a warrant issued in 2006  for 13 offences in Poland, wanted for 1 GBH and 12 Burglaries.Ireland - Two European Arrest Warrants executed  - as a result of planned searches under Operation Trivium

Netherlands - 4 Romanian suspects arrested for the theft of  50 cans of baby powder. 1 Arrest for using a GPS jammer.1 Arrest for  burglary and theft of power tools. 1 Arrest (Polish man) for theft /  shoplifting of clothing.

Kent Police - two males arrested in a stolen Mercedes on  German plates (stolen today). Found in possession of 34,000 Euros  which were seized under POCA. One male also arrested for possession of  a controlled drug

Police Scotland - About 11:15 hours officers stopped a  Mercedes Sprinter van on the M74 at Beattock. The vehicle was en route  from Glasgow to the North of England and was found to contain  counterfeit cigarettes. The 58 year old male driver was detained by  HMRC officers  and conveyed to Dumfries for interview. Officers  estimate the value to be in the region of £800 000.

Police Scotland - Polish national (target from Intelligence  pack) traced and COFPN issued for driving car with no current Test  Certificate.  Department of Work & Pensions identified a male who was  80% disabled, in receipt of Disability Living Allowance and in receipt  of a disability vehicle. This male was driving a business vehicle and  under interview by DWP confirmed he was working as a builder. It was evident that the male was not disabled to the extent he was claiming  and as such DWP will be progressing the enquiry with the likelihood  that the male will lose his Disability Living Allowance and his  disability vehicle.

Derbyshire Police - ACRO checks completed on male  from Poland. When we received his convictions it transpired he had  been sentenced to 6 years for Robbery in 1997 and also 6 years for  hijacking a car in 1997 (combined as an overall sentence of 9 years);  in addition to more recent convictions and sentences. This enabled us  to apply for a deportation order to remove him from the UK. When he  attempted to re-enter the UK on 15/10/15 after a trip away he was  served the Deportation Order by Border Force officers and refused  entry to the UK.

Northumbria Police - Officers arrested a 45 year old male  from the Czech Republic within an hour and a half of the operation  commencing following a vehicle stop for an outstanding European Arrest  Warrant. Following enquiries with the NOCC the warrant was confirmed.  The male is currently awaiting processing in relation to this matter.   Officers conducted a roadside check on the A1 North of Alnwick in  Northumberland that linked in with a similar check by Police Scotland  just North of the Scottish border ensuring that a positive message was  being sent out to those who continue to use the strategic road network  to facilitate offending.

West Midlands Police - attended 6 East Street, Dudley  located and arrested male Wanted by immigration.  Deportation order in place due to offending history. arrested under  sec 2 of the immigration act 1971.