Trivium results - Netherlands

Published Mon, 14/12/2015 - 08:23

During a national action against 'mobile banditry', or itinerant criminal groups, the police made 45 arrests. Every day from Tuesday 27 to Friday 27 November, police officers investigated itinerant groups that commit criminal activities such as shoplifting, drugs trafficking, identity fraud and burglaries.

The fight against mobile banditry is a major priority for the police. Under the auspices of TISPOL, the third Trivium action was organised in the Netherlands. The groups of offenders often come from Eastern Europe, but the action was also aimed at gangs that are based in the Netherlands and that commit burglaries, for instance. The offenders prefer to work discreetly, but if the police are close on their heels in this type of action, they will probably feel less at ease and may leave the country. 


On motorways, in car parks, the subsidiary road network, international coaches, but also on the water and in trains, the police carried out checks. Police officers received information quickly by means of searches in the national databases and, through Europol, also from other countries. This enabled them to detect identity fraud, find wanted persons, and to obtain information about current investigations from other countries. Moreover, all checks produced a wealth of information that will help to unmask and detain criminals in the future.


Ruud Edelbroek, responsible for the operation, said: “The previous Trivium actions have improved our access to information considerably. We take a broader look and we have better charted offenders, offender groups and their means of transport etc. Accurate information is highly important; we have used it to prepare all sorts of national interventions concerning offenders and offender groups. As a result, we were on the right spots during the actions. Our technical resources could also be used highly specifically.”


During the actions, 46 persons were detained for various offences. They included seven persons who were wanted in other countries, four Romanian nationals suspected of theft of baby powder, two Germans with a stolen lorry, two suspects in the possession of a ‘jammer’, two Romanian pick-pockets at a metro station, one 'fake police officer', and five Romanians with two thousand kilogrammes of copper, which was probably stolen. The items seized included tins of baby milk powder, cars, and a lorry with a secret storage space. In addition to the arrests, 190 tickets were issued and a great deal of information was gathered.