Poland: 19-year-old driver commits 29 violations in effort to flee police

Published Wed, 02/03/2016 - 10:52

During a recent speed enforcement operation in Skarzyski county, police officers pursued  a driver who didn’t stop at a control point. In the process of avoiding the control, the 19-year old BMW driver committed 29 traffic violations and accumulated 167 penalty points. 

His crazy driving was ended by a nasty traffic collision. The entire process was recorded by video equipment in the unmarked police car that was pursuing the BMW. Traffic police officers from Skarzysko-Kamienna were on duty in the unmarked car. Just after midday on 28 February they were patrolling the national road no 7, when they detected the speeding BMW at 82km/h in an area with a maximum speed of 50km/h.  

Their signal to stop was ignored, so officers started to pursue the BMW. The driver was very agressive, ignoring traffic regulations completely (overtaking on pedestrian crossings, driving on the wrong side of the road etc.) He increased his speed to almost 180 km/h in an attempt to get away from the police patrol. The chase lasted several kilometres. 

The young driver lost his control of the car, skidded, slid to the wrong side of road, hit another car and then fell into a ditch. Police officers ran to the offender’s car and pulled out  the driver. In the BMW were two others passengers, each with minor injuries. They were taken to the hospital. The driver was uninjured, and sober.

Officers believe he tried to escape probably because he hadn’t driving a driving licence. His punishment will be decided in due course by a court. 

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