Poland: police checks show more than 50% of drivers were speeding

Published Fri, 04/03/2016 - 09:13

Last week, in Poland's Lubuski region, a series of speed checks took place. Police officers checked 800 drivers. Among them, 500 received fines and penalty points because they were driving too fast.

In the city of Zielona Gora, a 38-year-old Nissan driver was detected at 142 km/h in a location where the speed limit was 70 km/h. He received a fine of 500 PLN (around €115), 10 penalty points and lost his driving licence.

Another man, aged 22, was driving at 57 km/h above the speed limit. He lost his driving licence for three months, received a 500 PLN ticket and 10 penalty points.

In the city Rudawica, two other drivers lost their licences because of excess speed in a rural area. Both were driving at more than 50 km/h above the speed limit in this area. They also received fines and penalty points.

During the checks, a total of 13 people lost their driving licences because their speed was more than 50 km/h above the limit.