A proud day for TISPOL in Rome

Published Tue, 19/04/2016 - 07:31

In advance of last week's Executive Committee meeting in Rome, TISPOL wrote to the Vatican seeking an Audience with His Holiness The Pope, to mark our 20th anniversary.

TISPOL's Italy Council member Paolo Cestra and and colleagues from the Italian National Traffic Police put arrangements in place to facilitate the audience. The full Executive Committee attended the general audience. Later, TISPOL President Aidan Reid and Paolo Cestra had the opportunity to greet the Holy Father.

Paolo explained in Italian a little about the role of TISPOL. Adian then asked His Holiness to bless the work of TISPOL in reducing casualties on Europe’s roads and the police officers who enforce the law. He explained I that young men and vulnerable road users were the highest risk on Europe's roads.

The Pope gave a blessing and asked TISPOL to pray for him.