Road Policing Conference, Dublin

Published Mon, 06/06/2016 - 12:07

The recent Road Policing Conference was about reducing risks on Europe's roads, and in just about every presentation we looked at risk and the risk of  crime. Here are some of the take-away points from the Conference:

Criminality on our roads does not sit well. All our speakers really enforced this point, and we must remember that criminality does not see borders.

We need the support of the communities we serve. We must win the moral argument, and we can't do this without the support of communities. There are many examples where intelligence from a community - either through social media or an email or a conversation, has proved key to opening up a bigger conversation, leading so some of our criminals serving considerable sentences.

We must manage and classify risks. One of the keys is to share data and experience and knowledge.

Neighbours design each others' security. A partneship approach in each country does shape our overall approach. We must embrace social media: we have no option really, but by embracing it we open up a new line of opportunities to educate, inform and enforce.

Perhaps the best solutions are not the new ones but the simplest ones. If they have worked before they can work again.

Partnerships work. It falls on all of us to continue a partnership approach, to negotiate and influence, as this will save lives.

If we lose grip we will lose everything. To maintain that grip we must all re-double our efforts to manage the risk on our roads.