Malta: early morning road safety checks

Published Sun, 12/06/2016 - 09:01

On the 12th June 2016, Traffic Branch Personnel repaired in the area of St.Julians and Swieqi . Various ‘Road Checks’ were effected in the area St. Julian’s area  as from 4.00am up to 8.00am  A total of 117 vehicles were stopped and inspected with the following results;

9 Drivers were found to be driving under the influence of alcohol where said drivers exceeded the prescribed limit.
1 Driver refused to take Brethalyzer test and was duly informed that such action mounts to inference and will subsequently also be charged in court.
3 drivers will be charged with Dangerous driving.
2 Drivers will be charged with Negligent driving.
2 Drivers were found driving on the wrong side of the road reultantly a danger to others.
1 Vehicle was found to have its circulation licence expired in 2015. Same was impounded at MT Garage.
1 vehicle was found to be using the Registration Plates of another vehicle.
5 Vehicles had their ciurculartion licence expired.
2 drivers were found to be oprating a motor vehicle without an insurance policy.
5 Drivers were found to be operating a motor vehicle whhilst not wearing a seatbelt.
1 Driver not in full control of his vehicle.
1 Drivers were operating Mobile Phones whilst driving.
1 Vehilce was found with Exhaust pipe in contracvention of the law.
3 Vehicles had alteration that contravened the law
2 Drivers contravened the  Double White Line.
1 Driver was found not to have renewed driving licence.
3 Vehicles were found with illegalities relating to vehicle illumination.


This is our commitment in hot spots to save lives all will be fined and brought before courts.