TTC Group Backs Europe Wide Road Safety Campaign

Published Wed, 07/09/2016 - 18:32

The TTC Group is supporting a project by traffic police to reduce road deaths and injuries across Europe - and is urging the rest of the UK to back the campaign. The leading UK road safety education organisation today praised Project Edward, a campaign launched by traffic police in countries across Europe to cut casualties in road crashes.

Project Edward stands for European Day Without A Road Death when supporters want people to pledge to reduce risk and improve safety on all road journeys on September 21.

The road safety initiative by TISPOL, the European traffic police network, encourages all road users to reflect on their behaviour and attitude.

"This should not be only on September 21 but every day," said TTC Group director Alan Prosser. "We are fully backing this campaign and want to help by spreading the word for road safety and urge people to make safer choices to improve their road safety skills.

"This means that drivers should drive more carefully and cyclists and pedestrians should also ensure they don't take risks on the road."

The TTC Group, which educates 330,000 road users each year to cut casualties, says people who drive at inappropriate speed, ignore traffic lights and road signs, don't wear seat belts, have unroadworthy vehicles and use their phones while driving, put themselves and others in danger.

He urged people to sign up to the Project Edward pledge for safer roads at

The pledge encourages road users to drive safely and calmly, avoid distractions, drive at an appropriate speed within the speed limit, be visible and put lights on, look and plan ahead and keep a safe distance from other vehicles.