Ireland: ‘Operation Sign-Off’ - Man jailed for illegally posting signs on street furniture

Published Mon, 03/10/2016 - 11:40

A man was jailed for three months by a Dublin District Court and fined €5,600 on 22 September, for illegally posting signs on street furniture in the Dublin area. The conviction was part of an ongoing operation by members of the Dublin Metropolitan Regional Roads Policing Unit, to address the issue of ‘Distracted Driving’ by tackling those responsible for illegally posting advertisement signs on traffic lights and other street furniture.

‘Operation Sign-Off’ was conceived by Sergeant Peter Woods as part of the ‘Safer Roads for Dublin’ strategy, with the dual objectives of reducing ‘Distracted Driving’ and removing the income potential for those involved in this illegal practice, many of whom were found to be active criminals involved in the trading of vehicles for cash.

With the assistance of the local authorities, more than 450 signs were taken down on six dates between May and November of 2015. Sting operations offering unmarked Police vehicles for sale were put in place to identify the culprits responsible for the signs, culminating in last month’s Court appearance by the most prolific offender.  It is hoped that his conviction and the success of this operation in the Dublin Metropolitan Area, will see it replicated on a national level in the future.