Finland: heavy good vehicle control operation

Published Tue, 25/10/2016 - 14:08

Police conducted a special control operation last week, focusing on heavy traffic. Officers detected 270 violations of driving times and rest periods. The journey of 14 vehicles was completely interrupted due to the poor condition of the vehicle. A total of 122 penalties were issued for these offences.

According to Chief Superintendent Kari Onninen of the National Police Board, the most significant change compared to earlier control periods involved offences related to the condition of the vehicle. The number of such offences grew by 50 compared to the control period last spring. The number of interrupted journeys also rose by 10.

Penalties were also issued for issues such as the faulty securing of loads (75), offences related to the driver’s and the vehicle’s papers (57) and overloading (27).

“There is cause for concern, since the police’s observations during the control period and reports from field officers monitoring heavy traffic suggest that the condition of the heavy traffic stock is deteriorating. At the same time, we have noticed no improvement in adherence to driving times and rest periods,” says Onninen.

The police conducted a special control operation with a focus on heavy traffic last week, 10–16 October 2016, throughout Finland. All police departments in Finland took part in the operation.

The operation aimed to improve road safety and combat and detect crime associated with the shadow economy and transport. The control operation focused particularly on compliance with regulations related to driving hours and rest periods, the technical condition of vehicles, and the securing of loads.

In all, 2,005 heavy vehicles, 1,597 of domestic and 408 of foreign origin, were inspected during the operation. A total of 546 penalties were issued to drivers.