Intensive cross-border surveillance uncovers traffic violations and other crime on roads

Published Tue, 22/11/2016 - 06:30

The Finnish Police collaborated with colleagues from Sweden and the Baltic States in an international road policing operation on 26–28 October 2016. The operation uncovered not just traffic violations, but also other crime on roads.

Surveillance in Finland involved searching 814 Finnish and 614 foreign vehicles. A total of 512 drivers were stopped in order to check their residence status. A total of 67 drivers were found to be under the influence of intoxicating substances, of whom 26 were under the influence of drugs. The operation also uncovered numerous cases of speeding, failures to use safety devices, and other traffic violations. A total of 32 of the stopped drivers were wanted by the police.

The operation, called the Nordic-Baltic Trivium, involved all Finnish police departments as well as the National Bureau of Investigation. One of the main objectives of the operation was to improve the cross-border exchange of information. The command centre for the operation, which was housed in the facilities of the Estonian Police, comprised representatives of the police forces of all countries that participated in the operation.

According to Chief Superintendent Pasi Kemppainen from the National Police Board, the primary aim of Trivium operations is to improve the exchange of information.

“Surveillance officers in the field had a direct line to their compatriots in the command centre in Tallinn. This gave the patrols information on drivers and vehicles stopped by colleagues from the other countries that participated in the operation. Finnish officers made almost 150 enquiries of this kind in the space of two days”, Kemppainen explains.

The operation was coordinated by the Estonian Police, and it concluded on 28 October 2016. In addition to Finnish and Estonian officers, the police forces of Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania also participated in the operation.