England and Wales: tougher new speeding penalties in place from 24 April

Published Mon, 24/04/2017 - 07:07

Motoring groups have welcomed tougher new punishments for the most serious speeding offences. 

Drivers caught excessively exceeding legal limits will now be hit with harsher penalties in England and Wales.

Magistrates will be empowered to fine motorists caught doing 51mph in a 30mph zone, or 101mph on a motorway, 150% of their weekly income rather than the previous level of 100%.

AA president Edmund King said the changes were "an effective way to penalise offenders", while the Sentencing Council said the move aims to ensure there is a "clear increase in fine level as the seriousness of offending increases".

Some 244 people died on Britain's roads in 2015 in crashes caused by a driver speeding.