Hard-hitting virtual crash billboard terrifies Paris pedestrians

Published Thu, 01/06/2017 - 09:35

Each year 4,500 pedestrians are victims of road traffic crashes in Paris. So the Parisian Road Safety Authority – “la Securité Routière d’Ile de France” - and Serviceplan France conceived a powerful outdoor campaign designed to deter people from crossing on a red light, and make them aware of the importance of paying attention when crossing the road.

‘The Virtual Crash Billboard’ was installed in a busy Paris street on 22 March.  When a person crossed the pedestrian crossing on a red light, the billboard made the sound of a car braking in an emergency, then automatically took a photograph of the shocked pedestrian and displayed it on a large screen next to the crossing with the road safety message: ‘Don’t take the risk of facing death’.

The idea behind the operation was to display a specially designed interactive digital billboard near a busy pelican crossing. Equipped with a movement detector, speaker, and camera, the smart billboard made the sound of screeching tires whenever a pedestrian attempted to cross the road while the “red man” was displayed.

The digital video and posters, created under real-life conditions, were used as part of the "Quinzaine Régionale des Usagers Vulnérables" (15th-28th May 2017) on train station billboards and in a Facebook campaign.

Watch a video of the Virtual Crash Billboard >>