TISPOL welcomes adoption of European serious injury target

Published Fri, 09/06/2017 - 11:28

TISPOL has welcomed the adoption by European Union transport ministers of the target to halve the number of serious injuries on roads in the EU by 2030 from their 2020 level. 

In 'council conclusions' adopted today, ministers formally endorsed the Valletta declaration on improving road safety, issued at an informal meeting organised by the Maltese presidency on 29 March 2017. Ministers also called on the European Commission to come forward with a new road safety strategy for the decade 2020-2030. 

Paolo Cestra, TISPOL President, said: “We welcome this commitment to a long term target to reduce serious injuries on EU roads. But we do not want to wait until 2020 for our benchmark figures. We need concerted action immediately. 

“EU vehicle safety standards have not been updated since 2009 despite rapid advances in technology that can help drivers keep within speed limits and avoid collisions. Every day of delay will lead to more unnecessary deaths and serious injuries on our roads."

25,500 people died on EU roads in 2016, a figure virtually unchanged in three years. In addition, the European Commission estimates that more than 135,000 suffer serious injuries each year.