Operation Trivium 9: police continue fresh crackdown on mobile criminality

Published Thu, 12/10/2017 - 14:15

Police officers across Europe are delivery excellent results in their crackdown on criminals using the roads. As part of Operation Trivium 9 taking place throughout this week, officers in six European countries (including the UK and Ireland) have been stopping vehicles and checking drivers' details with the purpose of dealing a major blow to mobile criminality across Europe.


TISPOL general secretary Ruth Purdie commented: “Over the past four years, Operation Trivium has proved highly effective in disrupting criminal networks active in human trafficking, modern day slavery, illegal immigration and a wide range of other crimes.


“Once again with Trivium 9 the priority is to safeguard our communities. We also wish to make clear that there is no hiding for criminals and that borders hold no barriers when it comes to bringing about justice.”


Examples of Trivium successes so far this week include:


·      A driver with a lengthy ban stopped by officers in Lucan, Ireland. His car was seized.

·      A Romanian truck driver stopped by police in Essex. He was a found to have made 24 driver’s hours infringements in the past month. A £900 fine was taken and he was prohibited from moving for 108 hours.

·      A Romanian driver stopped by Dyfed-Powys Police in Wales. He was driving a French registered car but only had a provisional UK licence. The car was seized and the driver was reported.

·      A German driver was stopped in Staffordshire because his insurance policy had expired.

Two vehicles were recovered in a search in County Louth, Ireland. The vehicles were category C write-offs from the UK which had been rebuilt with parts from stolen Irish cars.


Additionally, officers in Ireland have dealt with 280 incidents in relation to Operation Trivium in the first three days of this week, and have executed four European arrest warrants.


Operation Trivium has made a significant contribution to the aims of national governments and law enforcement agencies by ensuring a fast and smooth exchange of information through Europol’s secure channels, by close co-operation with partner agencies and by allowing officers to work together as one entity to provide a robust and effective response to borderless crime.


Operation Trivium 9 runs until Friday 13 October. Further details will be made available at the end of this week.