Ireland – ‘Operation Enable’ Court Convictions

Published Mon, 08/01/2018 - 06:51

On 5 January, in the Dublin District Court, seven motorists were convicted of offences involving fraudulent use of disabled parking permits. The offences were detected in recent months as part of ‘Operation Enable’ an ongoing initiative to tackle permit misuse, launched last year by Irish Police and led by Sergeant Peter Woods of the Dublin Metropolitan Regional Roads Policing Division.  

Four of the seven defendants convicted had been found using disabled parking permits belonging to deceased relatives. The presiding Judge said she was ‘sickened at the despicable behaviour’ outlined in evidence and handed down fines ranging from €500 to €800 to those convicted. Since ‘Operation Enable’ was launched in Ireland in March last year, 64 disabled parking permits have been seized for fraudulent use.

The operation has attracted overwhelmingly positive support on social media and won national acclaim in the form of a special recognition award from Ireland’s Road Safety Authority.