Digital Tachograph Manipulation Course in Tampere, Finland 30th - 31st Jan 2018

Published Mon, 12/02/2018 - 09:31

The joint working group of TISPOL and ECR, named as TWG, is dealing with manipulation on digital tachographs in trucks and busses for passenger transports. For years the members of this TWG are developing strategies how to find those manipulations. They share their knowledge during regular meetings in different memberstates of the EU. They are held for example in Brussles (B), Cologne (GER), or Ispra (I).


The working group is doing twice a year seminars for specialists, how to find the newest manipulations. These Seminars – called Masterclasses – are held in Osnabrück (GER). Participants are up to 15 control officers of ECR and TISPOL from all over Europe.


The Police University College of Finland invited two members of the working group (Sven Kilian from the German Police in Koblenz and Fred Martin from Belgium Federal Traffic Police) as speakers for a course regarding digital tachograph manipulation. Janne Salonen from the Police University College of Finland and Kaisa Kuusela from Police Department of Häme had an idea to develop and arrange this kind of course in Finland, because the places for participants to Masterclass are very spare.


Plannings for the course got started after pre-meeting at the Police University College of Finland in November 2017. Two months later there came 42 participants to join this course from all over Finland. Participants were mainly Finnish police officers, whose main work is controlling heavy traffic. There were also participants from Customs, The Border Guard and Regional state Administrative Agency.


The course met all expectations – and maybe more. Participants learned how to interpret printouts from the tachograph and how to compare the technical datas on them. They heard a lot about how to find manipulations by electronic measurement tools and had also chance to test these tools on manipulated parts. The next step to participants is to bring this new knowledge on the road side checks.


The Trainers (Sven Kilian and Fred Martin) were professional, enthusiastic and committed. Participants were very pleased to have this wonderful chance to join this exceptional course. There were nearly 30 additional interested police officers who wanted to join this course as well, so maybe a second course will be arrange for them in the future.

Kaisa Kuusela

Vanhempi konstaapeli | Senior Constable

Police Department of Häme

Traffic Police unit of Hämeenlinna


Janne Salonen

Komisario |  Chief Inspector

Poliisiammattikorkeakoulu | Police University College