Luxembourg and Germany join forces for road safety education

Published Sun, 22/04/2018 - 09:39

In 2017, the idea of ​​a joint road safety project was developed at the Schengen High school in Perl. The Germano-Luxembourg Schengen High School is a large-regional school designed to provide future generations with a European identity. It was therefore obvious to carry out the first traffic prevention project in the Greater Region in cooperation with the Luxembourgish partners within this school. 

The first joint project "Safety First / Priorité à la Sécurité" was aimed at pupils aged 15-17 years. The main goals of the project was among others in sensitizing young people to the dangers of road traffic, especially in the background of the fact that they are now undergoing a change and are participating for the first time as motorized drivers on the road. A varied program outlines the dangers associated with motorized two-wheelers and illustrated the risks of alcohol or drug abuse in road traffic. In addition, students had the opportunity to gain experience themselves by testing their reactions in the normal state and then in a simulated state of intoxication by wearing a pair of special “drug-simulation-goggles”.
The students have been informed about the initiative Saar-Bob and the Luxembourg counterpart "Raoul" and received concrete tips from the Bob-Initiative Merzig-Wadern (Germany) on how to get home safely, especially on the weekend with the youth taxi. In cooperation with the Police of Luxembourg, the Schengen High-school Perl, the youth office of the district of Merzig-Wadern and the police of Saarland, a very interesting morning has been organized. In case of any questions, all the representatives were available throughout the school day. The lectures on the individual topics have been held in the respective national language of the speaker, so that the program was also very varied linguistically.
The event was also supported by the university clinics in Homburg and Hr. Dr. Stenger contributed by a very interesting and realistic talk about accident-type injuries. Additionally a former addict described his life story and the consequences of his own drug addiction. 

The launch event "Safety First / Priorité à la Sécurité" on March 22, 2018 was attended by around 150 students. Everyone involved agreed to repeat the event no later than next year and expresses the hope that other schools in the Greater Region will hold similar events.