Luxembourg: several controls of heavy goods transport

Published Thu, 03/05/2018 - 14:03

Luxembourg's Central Traffic Police (UCPR-Truck-Control-Unit) carried out nationwide a large-scale control of heavy transport.

• In the south of the country, a heavy transport was immobilized due to a lack of load securing and an axle load exceeded by several tons and the total weight. The excessive axle loads lead to a disproportionate increase in road damage.

• During another inspection in the port of Mertert, all heavy transports were immobilized because cargo wasn’t properly marked and the escort vehicles didn’t fulfill requirements of the permit. These checks are carried out in the context of traffic safety. An insufficiently marked heavy transport represents a not insignificant danger for the other road users.

• On the part of a motorcycle patrol a truck with very adventurous cargo securing was stopped and immobilized during the day, in the north of the country.