Police Luxembourg goes electric

Published Thu, 03/05/2018 - 14:07

At the end of April, two Tesla Model S were being put into service by the Police Luxembourg.

Electric vehicles will be more and more present on our roads in the future. It is a less known technology that will raise new challenges. A key question is whether such vehicles are suitable for use by administrations, especially in law enforcement. The Police Luxembourg has a very good organized maintenance service, to follow this project closely and make an in-depth analysis.

Since these vehicles are currently more expensive than those with conventional drive technology, a funding has been granted by the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Infrastructure. This resulted in a cooperation within which 6 vehicles were ordered: 2 for administrative use, 2 patrol vehicles and 2 vehicles for our National Traffic Unit.

In the beginning of 2017, the Luxembourg government adopted the project on electro-mobility (https://gouvernement.lu/fr/actualites/toutes_actualites/communiques/2017/02-fevrier/17-conseil-gouvernement.html). Volkswagen (e-Golf) won the public call for the first two categories and the 4 vehicles will be delivered later this year. Two Tesla Model S were purchased for the National Traffic Unit.

Police Luxembourg has invested a lot of work and time in the Tesla project. Because no external company had the necessary knowledge to equip the car as a police car, it was decided to adapt the car in the Police maintenance service, where the beams on the roof with the luminaires were installed. For maximum security, the transformation of the cars was submitted for approval to the TÜV Rheinland-Pfalz (a technical service centre in Germany), which has the necessary means to perform high-speed and dynamic tests on a circuit. Their technical dossier was then passed to the SNCA (National Vehicle Registration Administration) where the 2 cars could be registered.

Since April 24, after an initiation, the 2 Tesla are in use and the first feed-backs are positive.

Despite all the discussions, the Tesla project is a positive element for the Police. Our maintenance service has managed to realize a very complex conversion within a very short period of time. The project reflects the image of the police that corresponds to the way we want to be seen by the public: innovative, modern and future-oriented