TISPOL publishes its 2017 Annual Report

Published Thu, 03/05/2018 - 14:40

Welcome to the Annual Report of 2017. This is the third and final report against our  three-year strategy 2015 - 2017. This strategy focused on four principle objectives. We set  out to deliver safer and more secure roads and to also ensure that the TISPOL network  was effective and efficient in the way it conducts its business and engages with key  stakeholders within the road safety arena across Europe. This includes the European  Commission, senior government officials within members states, senior police officers,  non-government organisations and citizens across Europe.  During 2017 we have evolved TISPOL to a membership network and we now have the committed  support of 28 European Countries.

Membership continues to grow and we are currently  processing new applications. As of 2017, each member country now pays a membership fee in  order to sustain and advance the work of TISPOL. We believe this fee gives exceptional value and  allows TISPOL to build on its existing achievements in terms of partnership working across Europe  to improve road safety. We are grateful to all members who contribute. The data in the following  pages gives a small sample of the work we do, and of the benefits our funding streams have  brought to road users.

Ruth Purdie

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