More than one hundred arrests in police action against itinerant criminals

Published Wed, 23/05/2018 - 14:48

Police in the Netherlands have arrested at least one hundred people during a national operation against itinerant criminals. The arrestees are suspected, among other things, of shoplifting, pickpocketing and illegal possession of weapons.

Agents did research in the Netherlands last week on itinerant criminals, who often come from Eastern Europe. In the action, called Trivium, the police received assistance from, among others, the Tax Authorities, the Immigration and Naturalization Service and German and Belgian colleagues.

One of the places that were checked was the border crossing Hazeldonk near Breda.

Police carry out large-scale 'Trivium' actions

The arrests were made during house searches and other checks. For example, four people were arrested in The Hague who would sell stolen baby milk powder. In Hoofddorp, five shoplifters were caught red-handed and that also happened with several pickpockets at Amsterdam Central Station.

Furthermore, police controls on the A13 and A1 people were arrested for illegal possession of weapons. In the vicinity of Delft a car was put aside with a blue flashing light, a truncheon and handcuffs. The driver was probably acting like an agent.

In the vicinity of Venlo, close to the German border, a Romanian was arrested who carried 600 kilos of raw materials for synthetic drugs.