Luxembourg: grossly overweight van seized on its way to Algeria

Published Wed, 23/05/2018 - 18:11

On May 21, the highway patrol in Luxembourg was contacted because of a broken down van. Because of cracked/busted twin tyres, the vehicle was immobilized on the emergency lane from the highway A1 between Germany and France. The driver, who came from Germany, was on his way to Marseille to take the ferry to Algeria. It was immediately apparent that the van was heavily overloaded. Because of the overload, the chassis was torn in the middle and the front left suspension was broken.

The van was then towed and weighed. An overload of almost 4 tons was detected, which in this case corresponds to a percentage of more than 100%. Added to this was that the cargo was insufficiently secured.

Protocol/report for the prosecutor was established and the van was confiscated by order of the prosecutor.