TISPOL Road Policing Seminar attracts positive comments from participants

Sunday, 19-Aug-18 13:37:39

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This is an archive news story from TISPOL.

Thirty-six participants from 14 European countries met from 6 to 10 August to get information and to exchange views on different aspects of road safety. The Road Policing Seminar was organised for a second time by the German TISPOL office in cooperation with the Rhineland-Palatinate Police University.

The seminar focused on recent technical developments in traffic monitoring like the possible use of drones which are currently being tested by the Finnish police. Moreover, the Netherlands presented an up-to-date and unique project for identifying and prosecuting the illegal use of mobile phones in road traffic and local police are cooperating with the industry to develop a special monitoring device....

Presentations treated possibilities of digital law enforcement, data transmission from vehicles as well as the identification of falsified documents, among other subjects. The participants of the seminar had the opportunity to deepen the acquired knowledge of the manipulation of HGV tachometers at a lorry checkpoint which had been set up specifically for that purpose by the Wittlich Police Department at the patrol station Eifel-West on the motorway A1.

A lively exchange ensued between the international guests and the colleagues conducting the checks who were also glad to have the guests look over their shoulders. Expert discussions were held and the specialists in heavy traffic were particularly keen to conduct some checks themselves.