Germany: officer uses dog power and pink scooter to catch suspect

Published Mon, 04/02/2019 - 07:15

Police officer Christian Plötz commandeered an unusual vehicle to pursue and arrest an offender recently.  The man, while jogging in a nature reserve in the city of Worms, was alleged to have attacked a a woman who was exercising her dog using a scooter. 

The woman, who had been pushed to the ground by the jogger, called the police and was fortunate to find a patrol officer very close by. Officer Plötz tried to follow the suspect on foot, but failed to keep up with him.

So the woman offered him her pink scooter - with her dog, Pina Colada, to pull it.

After a short briefing with the  most important commands (forward, right, left)  Plötz took up the chase on board the  pink dog scooter... and quickly caught up with the offender.

 Plötz, who also works as a police motorcyclist, said he had no problems switching from  horsepower to 'dogpower'.

However, there are no plans to add these vehicles to the Worms police fleet at present, a police spokesperson said.