Checks on parking and resting areas in Germany: One in five truck drivers had alcohol in their systems

Published Tue, 12/02/2019 - 07:05

Time and again serious accidents occur because truck drivers continue their trips under the influence of alcohol after their resting period on Sunday. Therefore police officers have increased their controls at parking and resting areas. The results of last Sunday evening however are very worrying:

328 truck drivers have been checked

68 of them had alcohol in their system

48 of them were prohibited from further travel

19 truck drivers have had an alcohol concentration between 0,5 %o and 1,09 %o (promille). 

25 drivers more than 1,1 %o. 

Highest value has been 2,34 %o.


The background of this action has been, that truck drivers often are still under the influence of alcohol at the end of the prescribed resting period on weekends. That is why German Police decided to carry out checks before truck drivers left the area on Monday. 

“First successes have already been established,” Volker Orben, German TISPOL member explained. "After a few months, the number of drivers under the influence of alcohol at the controlled parking and resting areas had decreased significantly.”

However, police officers do not want to leave it at the time of checking truck drivers at resting areas. As a next step, more and more truck drivers who are already on the roads will also be checked.