Drugs campaign 'Etoile' proves a great drug trap

Published Tue, 12/02/2019 - 09:52

Police and customs services from the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Belgium jointly held an international campaign against drug trafficking and drug tourism from Thursday 7 February to Sunday 10 February 2019.

241 of the 2 175 people checked were in possession of drugs and 19 of them were under the influence.

31 people were legally arrested and 10 vehicles were confiscated.

Comprehensive results
Belgium: number of persons checked: 2175
number of vehicles checked: 1366 

number of trains checked: 9
number of seized vehicles: 10 number of persons in possession of drugs: 241
number of people under the influence: 19
number of court arrests: 31 

Seizures: Hashish: 269.42 g 
Marijuana: 8 790.99 g 
Cannabis seeds: 384 pieces
Joints: 45 pieces Heroin: 11 g
Cocaine: 3 264.61 g
Amphetamines: 264.6 g
XTC: 133 pieces
Mushrooms: 30 g
Ketamine: 104.2 g
Money: 26 815 Euro
Weapons: 14


Some notable facts: A check by the PZ Gent on Friday 8 February led to the arrest of five Belgians suspected of dealer activities. They were in possession of 104.2 g of ketamine.