Operation Enable: Disabled parking spaces belong to the disabled - a contribution of the European Traffic Police to the International Day of People with Disabilities at 03.12.2019

Monitoring of dormant traffic is not an original task of the police in most European countries. Not even in Ireland. When patrolling the police officers there have noticed an increase of parking vehicles on disabled parking bays without a disabled person’s parking permit.

Inspections in cooperation with the local authorities have shown that an unexpected number of asocial car drivers gain advantages to the disadvantage of the disabled and, among others, also use fake disabled ID cards or disabled ID cards of already deceased disabled persons. The police initiated criminal proceedings.
The operation found great agreement among the population. The penalties for illegal use of disabled parking spaces in Ireland were subsequently increased.

Representatives of the TISPOL Member States decided to report national polices about this action of the Irish police and, on 3rd December, the "International Day of People with Disabilities" to organize together with the original competent authorities, that as many disabled parking spaces as possible are not used abusively.

The Europe-wide TISPOL action "Operation Enable" (enable for participation in life, hashtag #operationEnable) is one of ten concentrated actions of the European traffic police in the TISPOL network.

The action of the European traffic police under the slogan "Disabled parking places belong to the handicapped" helps to make everyday life easier for handicapped people. Controls are necessary throughout the year.

Tuesday, 3 December, 2019 - 01:00