TISPOL bus and truck operation commences shortly

Published Thu, 14/02/2019 - 18:40

Between 18 and 24 February, on streets across Europe, checks of heavy goods traffic and coaches will take place. It's anticipated that 27 TISPOL member countries will participate.

The focus will be on driving and resting hours as well as acceptasble technical condition of the vehicles.

During the large-scale week of controls drivers will be checked with regard of the Europe-wide social legislations (only those who are fit and well rested will be able to take part safely on road traffic). 

Additionally the correct loading, securing and equipment of the coaches (such as emergency hammers or properly functioning electric doors) will be controlled too, to minimise the impact for anyone involved in a collision. 

In addition to the punishment of violations, drivers will also be advised on the dangers of certain actions such as not wearing a seatbelt. But also the increasing problem of distraction in traffic by the prohibited use of mobile phones will be monitored and punished.