Norwegian Police visit Netherlands

Published Fri, 22/02/2019 - 13:57

During the TISPOL conference in Manchester 2018, TECH WG member Espen Andreassen from Norway came into contact with the supplier of the "enforcement trailer". During the Tech-WG meeting it became clear that an operational test period in the Netherlands would be organized with this trailer. John Gelderblom, Netherlands TECH WG member, was approached and a programme for a visit was drawn up.

Besides demonstrating the trailer, various new developments in the area of traffic enforcement and traffic detection were presented. The Norwegian colleagues were picked up with the latest Fast interception Vehicle from the Netherlands road police and after a two-hour car ride, during which the car was tested to the limit, delivered to the test location..

Other developments presented: 

- Dutch Pilot Tesla as a future surveillance vehicle

- MEOS application

- Traffic Suite (various mobile enforcement applications)

- Telephone as ANPR camera

- Mobile ANPR HIT application