Your help needed with survey: can we trust the driverless car?

Published Sat, 18/05/2019 - 12:27

Do you have a few moments to assist with a survey created by psychologist Dr Miriam Scala? Dr Scala is based at the University of Naples


During the last decades road collisions have become one of the leading death causes, especially for youths. Technology is working on it and is providing solutions to reduce risks and consequences. Driverless cars could be a decisive factor in reducing road accidents in the future. 


The proposed research will look to answer the following questions:

Do people trust driverless cars?

It is possible to search and find the answer to this question on the present psychological literature joint with technological researches and evidences.

Do police officers trust driverless cars for police activities?

This second question is the specific aim of the present research and is focused on the trust of Police Officers on driverless car at all, and specifically if used for Police activity.

Do people trust driverless cars for police enforcement?

There is now a third question ready for the near future, if and when police forces start to adopt driverless car for duty activity. The question is about the trust of people on this new vehicles and possible implications for safety and security.

The aim of the research is to discover and define if there is an effective trust and to study possible implications and points of criticisms.

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