Support #ProjectEDWARD on 26 September

Published Sat, 31/08/2019 - 08:36

We're supporting #ProjectEDWARD again this year, and we ask you to share its messages.

The most important thing is to get our road safety message to as many road users as possible throughout September.  Follow @ProjectEDWARD on social media channels (such as @ProjectEDWARD on Twitter), look out for posts, police teams, road safety partners and everyday road users tagged #ProjectEDWARD and like and share, alongside your own message of support.

Below you have access to all our social media messages and images. We will be scheduling these from 1 to 26 September, so please help yourself to the resources and schedule your own messages on the same days. You can use our images with English text, or choose plain images – it’s up to you. We ask only that – for maximum impact – you stick to our schedule. We will be issuing our messages each day at 0730 (UK and Ireland time), which is 0830 (Central European) and 0930 (Eastern European).

You can download social media resources, logos and artwork right HERE