Project EDWARD road trips begin Monday 16 September ahead of this year’s awareness-raising day on Thursday 26 September.

Published Fri, 13/09/2019 - 12:47

A series of road trips for this year’s #ProjectEDWARD  (European Day Without A Road Death) start on Monday, with a high-profile launch event taking place in the Czech capital, Prague.  


The  road trips will call in on schools, town halls, live police operations, road safety conferences and even the Nürburgring track in Germany, to engage with a variety of road users, political figures, bereaved families of road traffic victims  and safety organisations. The aim is to spread simple messages for all road users and to encourage them to play their part in working towards zero road deaths.


This year’s message:

However we used the roads, we are all more vulnerable than we think we are.


Project EDWARD started in 2016 and aims to reduce the number of tragic road deaths across the continent from its average of 70 per day.  This year’s EDWARD day is Thursday 26 September and its theme is ‘we are all more vulnerable than we think’.  


In December 2018 Project EDWARD received a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.


A symposium will be taking place in Dublin, with an hour-long interactive seminar live-streamed on social media starting at 1130 Dublin time (1230 CET). 


The main road trip looks like this:

·       Mon 16 Sept Prague, Czech Republic

·       Tue 17 Sept Mainz, Germany

·       Wed 18 Sept Wiesbaden and Nürburgring

·       Thu 19 Sept Heverlee, Belgium - with European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc and Deputy Director General Matthew Baldwin

·       Fri 20 Sept Rochester, UK - with Kent Fire and Rescue

·       Mon 23 Sept Edinburgh, UK with Transport Minister Michael Matheson

·       Tue 24 Sept Belfast, UK and Dublin, Ireland


Other trips and activity include:

·       Tue 17 Sept Paris, France - with French Interministerial Road Safety Delegate Emmanuel Barbe, Gendarmerie chiefs, FIA representatives and a delegation from #ProjectEDWARD supporter Michelin

·       Wed 18 Sept London, UK

·       Thu 19 Sep Brecon, UK - at the school in the village of Llyswen, where #ProjectEDWARD was 'invented' in 2016. We will be linking live from here to Heverlee in Belgium for a conversation between the schoolchildren and Commissioner Bulc. Dyfed-Powys Police and Crime Commissioner Dafydds Lewellyn will be present.

·       Thu 19 Sep Banbury, UK - with Thames Valley Police

·       Fri 20 Sep Birmingham, UK - with West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner David Jamieson

·       Tue 24 Sept Leeds and Stockport, UK

·       Wed 25 Sept Manchester, UK




#ProjectEDWARD, the European Day Without A Road Death, was devised by TISPOL as an awareness raiser for road safety. We recognised that although there had been significant success in reducing road deaths and serious injury on Europe’s roads during the first decade of the 21stcentury, further progress in the past five years has been limited. So we looked to find simple but effective ways of re-energising efforts across Europe, where there are still around 70 road deaths each day.


Through #ProjectEDWARD we are raising the profile of road safety. This is done by energetic and widespread activity – both in the ‘real world’ and online. #ProjectEDWARD also supports the goal of zero fatalities on the roads of Europe.


In 2016the first #ProjectEDWARD took place on Wednesday 21 September

We achieved had a Twitter reach of 19.5 million and trended in various countries including the UK
A contribution of £4,500 towards #ProjectEDWARD costs was received from the GEM Motoring Assist Charity


In 2017#ProjectEDWARD took place on Thursday 21 September

A total of 14 countries recorded zero deaths on this day, including the UK, Ireland and Spain
#ProjectEDWARD had a Twitter reach of 25 million and trended number one in Ireland, number four in the UK and number five in Spain and Germany
Financial support of £5,000 from Road Safety Support and £2,500 from Westcotec was received


In 2018#ProjectEDWARD trook place on Wednesday 19 September

·       24 European countries took part, with events and promotional activity

·       There were no road deaths in 18 of these 24 countries

·       We measured a Twitter reach of nearly 38 million, starting on 11 June and ending on Friday 21 September.

·       On Project EDWARD day alone, the reach was 25 million

·       We had extensive support from organisations and individuals – including F1 racing hero Nico Rosberg, who tweeted on EDWARD day.


For 2019 #ProjectEDWARD takes place on Thursday 19 September

There are many ways to get involved:


Sign the pledge at
Record your own video message supporting #ProjectEDWARD. Share it on social media and we will share it, too.
Retweet #ProjectEDWARD messages to broaden the conversation
Download materials and promotional artwork from the resource centre, so you can do your bit to spread the message in the days and weeks leading up to #ProjectEDWARD. Just go to
Tell all your friends, especially celebrities, sports people, musicians, politicians and other influencers. Let’s tap in to all that influence and maximise awareness of #ProjectEDWARD in 2019.