Police in the Netherlands use coach for crackdown on phone drivers

Published Sun, 22/09/2019 - 09:52

More than 700 motorists were fined on the motorways of East Brabant last week because they used their smartphone while driving. Following the example of earlier control weeks, the police checked again from a coach.

Police officers are high in a coach, which means they can look into cars and also check truck drivers. The bus was followed by their colleagues in inconspicuous cars. If the officers on the bus saw a driver with his or her smartphone behind the wheel, they reported this. That person was then stopped and fined; 739 times in five days.

Other traffic violations were also reported during the control days. In total, the police officers fined 877 drivers for various facts, the vast majority of which for using the smartphone. They also acted against tailgating, speeding offenders and drivers who ignored a catch-up ban or a solid line. But they also sanctioned overtaking on the right, unnecessary left-hand drive and improper use of the emergency lane. In addition, drivers were fined for violations with their cargo, an uninsured car or an expired MOT.

In addition to a fine, offenders were also explained about the danger that the use of the smartphone behind the wheel entails. The police wanted to raise awareness of the danger for the driver himself and his or her fellow road users.