Supt Jarmo Puustinen receives TISPOL President's Award

Published Tue, 01/10/2019 - 06:32


We congratulate Supt Jarmo Puustinen from Finland on receiving a 2019 TISPOL President's Award.



The next recipient, a Police Officer since the early 90s, has been involved with TISPOL since 2010 and was quickly identified as an expert on technologies with parallel personal achievements academically.

Participation and leadership in TISPOL Working Groups since that time include:-

TISPOL Alcohol and Drugs Working Group
TISPOL Technology Working Group and the Operations Working Group

In his own Country he has been liaison to ENLETS, the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services and a core group members since 2016.

It was during an earlier E.U. Presidency by his Country that Superintendent Jarmo Puustinen of Finland with others pushed for the establishment of a TISPOL led Technology Working Group.

Jarmo has managed to connect a large number of ENLETS activities to roads policing, finding benefits from both networks to support and progress the overall aim of reducing casualties on our roads.

There are many technological solutions in the Policing environment which are linked in one way or another to roads policing enforcement.  The most obvious of these technologies is Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems (ANPR) and his work in ENLETS was ideal to support the work of TISPOL.

Currently, Jarmo is chairing the ENLETS Technology Interest Group on drones and is pursuing new developments in robotics and artificial intelligence to support both TISPOL and ENLETS.

Academically, Jarmo has attained significant achievements in both Police Security and Technologies Sciences.

In 2010 he was awarded his Masters Degree in Administrate Sciences, specialising in Police Security Management.  In 2012, he continued his studies in the Doctoral Programme at Tampere University and achieved a Doctorate in Administrative Sciences, a D.Sc (Admin) in 2017.

More recently and similar to Major Fuentes MARTIN, Jarmo volunteered to assist TISPOL in preparation of an E.U. Grant Application for the next programme of funding from 2020.  Again, with his energy, enthusiasm and knowledge, he has made a significant contribution.  Jarmo, we thank you for this support.

I now call on Superintendent Jarmo Puustinen, Finland to come forward to receive a TISPOL Presidents Award.