Gerard Schipper receives TISPOL President's Award

Published Tue, 01/10/2019 - 06:45

Congratulations to Gerard Schipper, who has received a 2019 TISPOL President's Award.


Gerard Schipper

Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate Holland (Euro Control Route) for contribution to roads safety and security across Europe

Our first recipient has been responsible for many years for the content and program of the Tacho Web Group (TWG) which is a joint TISPOL/ECR (Euro-Control-Route) partnership and which is currently led by the ECR.

The TWG is a platform responsible for providing instruction to many of our police colleagues from TISPOL member countries; in the technology, control options and enforcement of the driving and resting times legislated for in respect of the European transport industry.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I can confirm that Gerard Schipper is very knowledgeable, professional and authoritive in his field of expertise, which has been very well displayed in the many workshops he has given along with his colleague Martin Bonthuis in recent years.  He has invested a lot of time and energy in drawing up an attractive and appealing program which has been well received by all participants.  

Because of his expertise and many years of experience, Gerard has been called upon to advise the EU on tackling transport crime and developing new options for maintaining driving and rest times for HGV operators.  His representation both in his own organisation and TISPOL has given substance to TISPOL’s position as a valued partner in terms of EU road safety.

Gerard is very closely involved at the National level with advanced control concepts on road transport and is the most important liaison from the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate to the Dutch national police force. He is also an International participant in various ECR working groups in the field of driving and rest times in relation to driver fatigue.

Because of these skills, Gerard is also a highly valued participant of the TISPOL OPG as a representative of the ECR ​.

Unfortunately, as Gerard cannot be with us tonight, I now call on Egbert-Jan van Hasselt of the Dutch Police Force and Vice President of the TISPOL network to come forward to receive a TISPOL Presidents Award from TISPOL President Volker Orben on behalf of Gerard Schipper for his contribution to road safety and security across Europe.