Meet TISPOL's new General Secretary

Published Fri, 04/10/2019 - 10:39

TISPOL is pleased to announce the appointment of Heinz Albert Stumpen as its new General Secretary. In a police career spanning 33 years Mr Stumpen served in the German federal state of Northrhine-Westphalia, where he rose to be Deputy Head of Traffic Police for the city of Münster. 

Since 2013 Mr Stumpen has been Deputy Head of Faculty and a lecturer for traffic science and traffic psychology at the German Police University.

TISPOL President Volker Orben was enthusiastic in his welcome to Mr Stumpen. “We believe Heinz Albert brings exactly the right skill and experience to his new role. Through his long and distinguished police career he will have seen and understood the vital part played by roads policing officers in reducing death, serious injury and crime on Europe’s roads.

“We look forward to his expert input as he helps to steer our organisation into a new decade, with all the opportunities and challenges that may bring.”

Heinz Albert Stumpen spoke of his pride at taking on the new position. “I feel very honoured to take over as General Secretary as of today.

“The activities of TISPOL are very important all over the EU and for each Member State. As we all know, traffic safety activities are often not the number one priority in policing, and stand back behind other tasks, such as combayting terrorism, organised crime and other threats.

“But there is no similar field of activities which can be as successful as roads policing in safeguarding our citizens and communities safe, and helping them avoid losing loved ones  or suffering from lifelong disability because of a single moment.

“Also, I cannot think of any crime that does not need mobility. Every burglar uses a car to get to the crime scene. On European roads all kind of illicit goods move through the road network, and last but not least we had the fatal combination of truck-driving and terrorism in Nice and Berlin.

“Within TISPOL we find all the expertise needed to address these challenging issues, so the main challenge is to put it into practice. Networking and sharing good practice is without doubt one of the best ways to pursue this goal, so this will be one of my tasks for the next month: bringing together government and non-government organisations in this particular field.

“I am really looking forward to collaborating closely with all representatives of the traffic police forces across Europe to get a little bit closer to the all-important vision zero. In fact, our task can be seen as ‘mission zero’ and I will do my best to ensure we work together to approach that goal.”

Heinz Albert Stumpen takes over from Aidan Reid, who for the past 12 months has been Acting General Secretary. TISPOL President Volker Orben paid tribute to Aidan’s commitment. “Aidan served as TISPOL President, and has discharged his General Secretary responsibilities with great professionalism. He has approached every task with wisdom and insight, giving us much-needed stability and support. We wish him well in his future career and thank him for his service.”