Major Belgian control action “Trucks and buses”: 125 controlled vehicles - 62 detected offences

Published Sun, 20/10/2019 - 07:00

On Monday 14  October, during the TISPOL action week “Trucks & Bus”, the Belgian Police, both Local as Federal units, carried out common control actions targeting heavy transport on highway parkings in Bierges, (E411) and in Grand-Bigard (E40).

In total, 125 vehicles, mainly trucks and buses, were controlled and 62 offences were recorded. Besides control actions as such, this operation was also aimed at exchanging knowledge, best practices and at networking. Centrex Traffic, the Centre for Knowledge and Expertise of the Integrated Police, took the opportunity to set up a “Expert network Day”. 

It is important to know that for many police officers, the act of controlling a heavy truck or a bus is not an ordinary task and it requests a high level of expertise.

Impressive results

The results of this action show that security of heavy transport remains a major issue. 

  • 9 cases of load not properly or enough secured
  • 8 cases of non-compliance with driving time and rest periods 
  • 4 cases of tachograph fraud
  • 5 drivers not able to show documents needed for passenger transportation
  • 3 drivers without required driving licence
  • 1 transportation of dangerous goods not complying with the rules
  • 2 vehicles equipped with an AdBlue fraud system 
  • 1 driver under influence of drugs


The total amount of the fines is 47090 EUR. All detected violations must be resolved before vehicles are back “on track”.