Honorary President receives medal from Spain's Guardia Civil

Published Thu, 28/11/2019 - 05:47

TISPOL's Honorary President, Paolo Cestra, recently received the Medal of Spain's Guardia Civil at na ceremony in Madrid. Colonel of the Polizia Stradale, Cestra has been the President of TISPOL for more than two years, ending his term in April 2019. He is currently the Honorary President. Throughout his term, he has been leading the Organization brilliantly, maintaining this organization in which the Agrupacion de Trafico de la Guardia Civil (Spain) is present, always active and strengthened.  

Among these proposals that Cestra has supported, he highlights his active participation in Operation Safe Holidays, an operation that has been led by Spain. In this Operation, controls have been carried out in Italian territory, aimed at drivers of North African origin that circulate in the direction of Spain to cross the Strait, so that these vehicles circulate safely and circulate through our territory with the cargo well-conditioned. In addition, it has significantly promoted the proposal, within the framework of Operation Safe Holidays, of the commission of two components of the Polizia Stradale in Ibiza, where a large number of Italian tourists spend the summer.

In addition, it is considered that Cestra is also a creditor of this distinction by the Guardia Civil, since this award would be making an express recognition to TISPOL, in this case through its Honorary President.

The police cooperation that is represented in our case in TISPOL, not only implies collaboration in the planning of campaigns or operational coordination, but also must involve mutual recognition when circumstances arise for it.

Also he received the medal to the (Cruz del Mérito de la Guardia Civil), on the occasion of the Patron of the Guardia Civil, because with this medal, Guardia Civil distinguishes his work as President of TISPOL.

Therefore, coinciding with the end of his mandate at the head of TISPOL, the medal of Merit of the Guardia Civil was granted on the occasion of official celebration of the Virgen del Pilar, Patron of the Guardia Civil. 

The medal was given by the General Ramón Rueda Ratón, Head of the Agrupación de Tráfico of the Guardia Civil, on 10 October 2019 in Madrid.