Italiy's Polizia Stradale wins Prince Michael Award 2019 edition for “Safe School Trips“ programme.

Published Sun, 15/12/2019 - 08:21

The Italian Polizia Stradale (National Road Police Force) has won a 2019 prestigious Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for “Safe School Trips” programme. 

HRH the Prince Michael of Kent  delivered the prize to the Polizia Stradale Deputy Director Santo Puccia during the annual ceremony held at the Savoy Hotel in London Tuesday 10 December 2019. Member of the Italian Delegation were also TISPOL President of Honour Paolo Cestra and the member of TISPOL Operations Group Alessandro Lo Dico.

According to the notification received, the panel of judges thought “Safe School Trips” programme aims to make school transport as safe as possible.

The initiative, which covers education and regulation, in cooperation with the Italian Ministry of Education and started in 2016, has ensured increased compliance with road safety regulations relating to school trips. It includes a handbook distributed to educational establishments to enhance the duty of care required by teachers and specific regulatory guidance for school busses is backed by compliance inspections.

Absolute data evidence that from the start of the initiative to date, the following results are highlighted: 

· 42,555 patrols performed by the Polizia Stradale. 

· 60,305 controlled buses (of which 40,223 at schools' request). 

· 8,403 vehicles showed irregularities (3,994 of those checked at schools' request). 

· 148 revoked driving licenses. 

· 198 stopped vehicles with revoke of registration documents. 

· 2.765 vehicles technical failures. 

· 1.004 over speeds. 

· 35 drivers under influence of alcohol. 

· 2 drivers under influence of drugs. 

· 63 vehicles without insurance.

According to the official data referred to road accidents in Italy (ISTAT, 2019), it is possible to delineate that in the period 2016/2019, as result of the specific activity done under “Safe School Trips” initiative, the total number of accidents involving buses and coaches decreased of 10,5% and fatalities decreases of 28,6% as well the percentage of deaths caused by buses accidents is today -33,3%. Injuries accidents involving coach and buses decreased of 15,7 with a percentage of -53,3% of injured road users (Ministry of the Interior – Polizia Stradale, 2019).

Taking in account the monetary figures for lost economic output, human and medical costs associated with road casualties (Ministry of Infrastructure and Transports, 2018), and the Police, insurance and damage costs associated with coaches and buses accidents, it should be calculated that the effect of “Safe School Trips” initiative represents a saving of over € 27 million per annum referred to the total social costs of the road accident in Italy, with a percentage of diminution of 1,8% during the last 4 years (Ministry of the Interior – Polizia Stradale, 2019). Even if we include a benefit/costs evaluation of the “Safe School Trip” initiative it is clear and appropriate to underline that its highest value is inside the high impact on the decrease of fatalities, traffic accidents more in  and related social costs involving coaches and buses.