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Family pay tributes to war hero killed after motorbike crash

Published Mon, 25/06/2018 - 07:15


Relatives have paid tribute to a 92-year-old war hero who died after crashing his motorcycle.

Donald Wallace broke his ribs in the accident and passed away a fortnight later.

His family say the Edinburgh-born grandfather, who took part in the Arctic Convys and the D-Day bombings, had a spirit of adventure all his life.

Daughter Fiona Tyson added: “You could never tell my dad what to do. He was very adventurous 
man and always a very determined man."

Twomey Family Remorial

Published Sun, 10/06/2018 - 08:48

The dedication and commitment of Elber Twomey and her strong Duhallow fundraising team has raised a staggering €127,000 for mental health charities and hospitals which offer a "home from home" experience when family members are so gravely ill.

She has shown a depth of forgiveness and kindness to so many despite having her entire family wiped out by a suicidal driver when the Twomeys were returning home from a holiday in the UK on July  6, 2012.