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Nordic Trivium: arrests and offences in Finland

Published Wed, 04/11/2015 - 18:53

An international traffic surveillance operation conducted by the police revealed a large number of traffic violations and other criminal activity. The Finnish Police participated in a Nordic-Baltic Trivium operation on 19-23 October 2015. This operation was jointly coordinated by five countries: Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The operations centre consisted of representatives from all of these countries. Field operations in Finland were carried out by all police departments, to the extent permitted by their resources.

TISPOL acknowledges outstanding work of CMPG's Paul Keasey

Published Tue, 03/11/2015 - 07:16

Central Motorway Police Group chief Paul Keasey recently received an outstanding achievement award from TISPOL, for his work in spearheading Operation Trivium. Since his first appearance with TISPOL, Paul has galvanised road policing energy by his ground-breaking police work in organising and commanding Trivium.

Originally a multi-agency UK road police operation tackling organised mobile criminal gangs on the road, Operation Trivium has now been spread far across European borders.

Koen Ricour receives special recognition from TISPOL

Published Tue, 03/11/2015 - 07:07

Former TISPOL President Koen Ricour has received a special award from TISPOL for his excellent service in recent years. Koen, a senior officer with the Belgian Highway Police, has represented his country ably for several years on the TISPOL Council and Executive Committee. He has also led and participated in the TISPOL High Risk Working Group.

TISPOL marks contribution to road safety made by ETSC Policy Director Ellen Townsend

Published Tue, 03/11/2015 - 06:56

TISPOL has made an outstanding achievement award to Ellen Townsend, Policy Director of the European Transport Safety Council. Ellen is described as “a champion of road safety in Europe, working tirelessly, giving her skill and analysis in identifying issues and trends and seeking solutions to save lives and injuries on the roads of Europe.”

Germany Council member collects award

Published Mon, 02/11/2015 - 12:50

Germany Council member Bernd Heller has been honoured by TISPOL for his role in creating and developing the 24-hour Speed Marathon Blitz operation. The event was conceived to increase public awareness of the dangers of speeding and to give a boost to road safety across Europe. It also serves as an effective way of sharing good practice among TISPOL members, as it is an event that has rapidly gained support.