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'SMART' policies for tackling drink driving'

Published Fri, 20/11/2015 - 14:06

SMART = 'sober mobility across road transport'

TISPOL recently attended a conference in London on the subject of drink-drive enforcement.

Speakers included

  • Francesca Manchi, Political Officer European Commission Representation in the UK
  • Antonio Avenso  Excutive Director ETSC
  • Elizabeth Shovelton UK Department of Transport Dft
  • Tim Madgwick Deputy Chief Constable North Yorkshire Police
  • Professor Allsop Special Advisor to PACTS


Spain: police detain driving test cheats

Published Thu, 19/11/2015 - 14:42

Guardia Civil Traffic Police in Guadalajara and Soria detained people when they were attending the exam to get their driving licences. The males, natives of Pakistan Bangladesh and two from India, were attending the exam on  5 and 10 November, when they illegally tried to get the answers to the exam questionnaire using their smart-phones. According to the Spanish Penal Code, they were charged with an offence against the Public Administration. A third person outside supported them to get the correct answers.

Pedestrian warning as casualties peak

Published Wed, 11/11/2015 - 07:33

Pedestrians and drivers are being warned to be extra vigilant this November as deaths and serious injuries for these groups are higher than in any other month of year.
UK data from 2010-2014 shows serious pedestrian casualty incidents rise from an average low of 397 in August to a peak of 565 in November, an increase of 42 per cent
Serious car user casualties also peak in November, averaging 832
On average there are 2,135 serious casualties on Britain’s roads every November