TISPOL is committed to reducing death, serious injury and crime on Europe's roads. Its activities are guided by research, intelligence, information and experience, to produce measurable results that contribute to reducing casualties and making roads safer.


EU road safety targets at risk as deaths increase in France, Germany and UK

Progress on reducing road deaths in the EU slowed to just -0.6% last year, the worst annual reduction since the first common EU target was set in 2001, according to new analysis published by the European Transport Safety Council. EU member states now need to cut deaths by almost 8% each year until 2020 to meet the target set in 2010 to halve deaths within a decade.

France, Ireland, Germany and the UK were among the 12 EU member states that saw an increase in the number of road deaths last year compared with 2013.

Early morning traffic checks in Malta prove productive

 A joint operation was carried out between the Traffic branch and the Dog section of Malta's Police on Sunday 21 June, where a task force organised road checks in Triq MA Vassalli, Saint Julians, under the direction and supervision of Inspector Sergio Pisani, Traffic branch.  A total of 209 (two hundred and nine) vehicles were checked and the following offences were detected:

Members of TISPOL Executive meet road safety leaders in Malta

MEMBERS OF TISPOL’s Executive Committee met recently in Malta. The visit, a first for TISPOL in Malta, was made possible by the efforts of Council member Mario Tonna and his colleagues from the Maltese Police.   

TISPOL calls for fast action on drug-driving to save more lives

The European Traffic Police Network, TISPOL, is urging European governments to consider whether their drug-driving legislation is fit for...

New technology helps Spanish police deal with speeding foreigners

TISPOL welcomes recent activity by Spanish traffic police to crack down on speeding holidaymakers. The officers have been out pursuing...

Spanish Police begin nationwide operation to deter mobile phone use among drivers

Traffic police in Spain have this week started an operation controlling the use of mobile phones while driving.

Belgium's Highway Police star in weekly prime time television slot

The work of highway police officers in Belgium is currently featuring on a weekly prime time television slot. 

Chief Wim Redig of the Highway police department of Antwerp explains:  "In addition to our digital presence, we played for some time with the idea to have a look behind the scenes of the federal traffic police of Antwerp, in a spontaneous way.

Finnish 'raids' help bring down numbers of drink drivers

THE NATIONALTraffic Police in Finland has carried out nationwide drink driving 'raids' since 1978. These raids are accompanied by a scientific study conducted by the National Institute for Health and Welfare experts. During these raids, police breathalyse all drivers. This means that annually more than 100, 000 breath tests during these operations. (In Finland around 2 million breath tests are conducted by the police on a yearly basis). Breath testing sessions are organized in the spring and autumn at the same days, times and places every year.

New figures: road deaths across Europe fall in 2012

Road fatalities across the EU have decreased by 9% in 2012. According to new figures published by the European Commission, 2012 saw the lowest number of people killed in road traffic in EU countries since the first data were collected.

Trucks seized in Estonian-led checks at Russian border

Estonian traffic police together with colleagues from the Baltic Sea region have just conducted an operation of heavy goods...