TISPOL is committed to reducing death, serious injury and crime on Europe's roads. Its activities are guided by research, intelligence, information and experience, to produce measurable results that contribute to reducing casualties and making roads safer.


German motorists take speed warning to heart

During the sixth German ‘blitz’ marathon speed control operation, motorists have by and large obeyed speed limits.  After the end of large-scale speed control actions in North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, Interior Minister Ralf Jäger said: "Motorists have taken the ‘I have respect for life’ motto to heart and are driving responsibly. That is our goal. We are adhering to our strategy of more speed checks and more transparency. In the autumn there will be another federal-wide ‘blitz’ flash- Marathon."

Belgian truck control finds many drivers using mobile phones


A total of 19 truck drivers received penalty tickets for using a mobile phone behind the wheel during a national Belgian control action on heavy transport last week. The Belgian Highway Police conducted this action on all Belgian Highways.

Attention was paid to respecting all regulations specific to heavy transport such as driving and resting time, cargo securing, maximum authorized weights and dimensions, business transport rules, vehicle documents and driving under the influence. Also, officers checked the use of phones behind the wheel.

Nine dead after Tokyo motorway tunnel collapses

A tunnel in central Japan collapsed on Sunday, sending debris crashing down on cars and triggering a fire. The collapse left at least nine people dead, according to official media reports.

Network television footage showed black smoke billowing from the 4.7 km tunnel in Yamanashi, about 80 km west of Tokyo on the main road connecting the capital to western Japan. Seven people were believed to be missing and two were injured, the fire service said. At least two cars were thought to be trapped.

Taking steps forward in 'alcolock' technology

TISPOL PRESIDENT Pasi Kemppainen recently met Robyn Robertson, President and Chief Executive Officer from the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (located in Canada) in Helsinki. In the same meeting were Marita Löytty (Team Manager, Finnish Road Safety Agency Trafi) and Senior Officer Kimmo Pylväs (Finnish National Police Board).

TISPOL announces details of its 2010 Conference

Delegate bookings are now open for the annual conference of the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL), which takes place at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Manchester Airport, on Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 September this year. 

UK announces plans for on-the-spot traffic fines

Police in England, Wales and Scotland will get powers to fine careless drivers on the spot, rather than taking them to court, as part of a government...

EU transport ministers must support cross-border enforcement - TISPOL

Wolfgang Blindenbacher, TISPOL PresidentWolfgang Blindenbacher, TISPOL PresidentEurope's transport ministers must support new legislation allowing cross-border enforcement of traffic law, says TISPOL's new president Wolfgang Blindenbacher.

Ministers meet on Thursday (9 October) to discuss a Directive on the cross-border enforcement of traffic laws in all 27 EU member states. Its main objective is to apply enforcement measures (speeding, alcohol, seatbelt and red light offences) to non-resident traffic offenders through setting up a system for information exchange and proper notification of offenders.

TISPOL representatives join other stakeholders for truck safe parking conference

A Conference on Truck Parking Behaviour took place earlier this month in Brussels. Experts of Belgium's National Road Authority and the Police came together to discuss the topic of unsafe parking along highways in north-west Europe.

North Rhine-Westphalia police warn drivers not to take risks with alcohol in the pre-Lent carnival period

As Carnival celebrations continue before the beginning of Lent on Wednesday, the NRW police have been reinforcing alcohol breath testing for drivers. North Rhine Westphalia Minister of Interior Ralf Jäger warned all motorists before getting behind the wheel: "After a few drinks celebrating,  everyone should leave the car or motorcycle and go home by bus, train or taxi. Even a small amount of alcohol in the blood increases the risk of an accident."