TISPOL is committed to reducing death, serious injury and crime on Europe's roads. Its activities are guided by research, intelligence, information and experience, to produce measurable results that contribute to reducing casualties and making roads safer.

Just short of one million breath tests in June operation week

A SERIES OF controls to enforce drink driving and drug driving regulations across Europe saw police conduct almost one million breath tests in a seven-day period, of which more than 17,000 were positive.

   Motorists were also checked for drugs in the operation, organised by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) between 1 and 7 June. In total, 986,954 drivers were controlled. There were 17,705 alcohol offences and 1,636 drug offences detected. 

    The legal limit for drink driving varies from country to country.

   Chief Superintendent Pasi Kemppainen, chairman of TISPOL’s strategic alcohol and drugs working group, said: “Drink driving remains one of the top three killers on Europe’s roads. Police officers across Europe put a great deal of time and effort into enforcing the law, with the intention of showing motorists that drink and drug-driving is not just unacceptable and anti-social, but also a serious danger to other road users.

    “Our focus continues to be on drivers who have been taking drugs and who fail to acknowledge the greatly increased risks they face and pose to other road users.  Many medicinal drugs can cause drowsiness and therefore impair driving, so it is very important that drivers taking medication should read the warnings or check with their healthcare professional.”