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UK gets tough on speeding penalty dodgers

TISPOL’s UK Council member, Deputy Chief Constable Suzette Davenport, has pledged even tougher action against those who deliberately attempt to help motorists avoid getting penalty points for speeding offences.

Dep Ch Con Davenport says it is important this type of crime is not trivialised. Speaking recently on BBC Radio, she said: “The safety of the public on our roads is paramount and for that reason we are dedicated to identifying and prosecuting those who knowingly put others at risk.

"Those who try to hide offending drivers from us, whether by falsely nominating another driver or sharing points with a friend or relative, put the public at risk by helping bad drivers avoid the consequences of their actions.

"Those who do it can expect to go to prison and those who organise such scams for profit will go to prison for many years.

"A new computer database developed by the National Police Improvement Agency is being introduced, to make it quicker and easier to establish links across force boundaries. This, coupled with increased use of front-facing cameras, will make providing false nominations a very risky business."

Dep Ch Con Davenport’s comments come amid a recent increase in prosecutions. In one case, a man from Greater Manchester was jailed for seven years for helping around 700 motorists avoid penalty points. He was jailed in January of this year after admitting a number of offences including conspiracy to pervert the course of justice.